In New York State and New England, Crisp-Aire© is the copyrighted name for apples stored in specially constructed “Controlled Atmosphere” cold storage. Apples for fresh market cannot carry the “Controlled Atmosphere” label, or words of similar importance, unless New York State regulations are met.
“C-A” is a somewhat sophisticated method of controlling the environment within a storage room. By decreasing the ratio of oxygen and allowing the carbon dioxide to attain a level of 3% to 5%, the apples are “put to sleep” for a minimum of ninety days. During this time, critical ratios of temperature and humidity levels are scrupulously maintained and calibrated to slow down normal respiration, thus prolonging the shelf life of the fruit for 8-10 months.

Controlled Atmosphere or “C-A” conditions allow the fruit to come out as fresh, crisp, and flavorful as when picked from the trees. Consequently, our apples are “fresh” almost year-round.
There are only ninety-one licensed “C-A” storages located in the apple producing areas of New York State. The Salinger Family is proud to be one of the few licensed “C-A” storage operators, and the only one in the immediate area. All “C-A” facilities are licensed and regulated by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets.
Remember always store your apples as cold as possible, without freezing, to maintain their best quality.